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Iain Sinclair – obscure references

In Bibliography, Experimental, Iain Sinclair, sample on June 24, 2011 at 1:16 am

WorldCat Iain Sinclair obscure references – Searches for obscure ‘Iain Sinclair’ references i.e. the very obvious titles removed. For these titles, bibliography and other resources &  information see

NB Some titles added at WorldCat list where Iain Sinclair has written introduction etc. See also my shared notebook page at

Derrida sample

In Bibliography, sample on June 23, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Derrida sample bibliography i.e. by and on Derrida

Search for Derrida: first 8 titles are webpages
Endnote Library Name:  Derrida.enl
Last Saved:  23 June 2011 01:31:10
Records:  499
Custom Groups:  7
Reference Types Used:  8
Most used ref. types:  Book, Journal Article, Electronic Source, Thesis, Audiovisual Material (257 in Book Type, 204 in Journal Article type, 29 Electronic, 3 in Thesis type, 4 in Audiovisual type, 1 conference, 1 Computer program) 143 with abstracts (to request full list, please contact by email or comment below).
Search not done on conference proceedings explicitly.
File Attachments:  0
Figures:  0
Authors Term List:  490
Journals Term List:  123
Keywords Term List:  503