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Antique books

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InsinuatingBook...I probably have too many books. These are only a sample.Jack Adams of Clerkenwell GreenNational Library Of Ireland, Dublin
Our ChildrenNot to be DrawnA tableful of beautifully-bound books, mostly from 1800sWood's Illustrated Natural HistoryBook with ferns on coverThe Romance of Animal Arts & Crafts
Our ChildrenSauce for the GanderPoundedA Safe WinTrials of a NoviceA Doubtful Diana
Maldonado Patent ~ Santiago MatamorosDiego Maldonado ~ Inquisitor ~ 1604Diego Maldonado before the Virgin; TrinityB42 Gutenberg BibelDiego Maldonado Family treePetit Larousse 1930

Antique books, a group on Flickr.