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2008 Authors of Sacred Space, Beloved City: Iris Murdoch’s London (Cambridge Scholars Publishing)

You have done the most magnificent job. Cheryl and I are so fortunate to have had your expertise. It would have taken us another year if we had had to do this ourselves. This looks really amazing to me. Absolutely thorough.” Anne

You have really been a God-send in getting the book done, and done correctly. Thank you again for all of your work. It was truly amazing, and I’m horrified when I think of how many errors we would have without your input and work on the project. What a labour – and you have been so diligent checking everything.” Cheryl.

2011 Ph.D. student

I really couldn’t have got that referencing sorted out in time without your help. It is the rules behind the rules that fox me. Isn’t it amusing that the Patron Saint of writing is Frances/Francis!  Although I expect your experience with me will deter you offering your services to anyone else, I do think you could offer training courses for students starting out: you are an invaluable source of information!” Vanessa
2011 Ph.D. student:

I know I must get my academic presentation in order for my PhD so that I don’t have the same mad panic I had just before submitting my Master’s thesis, so your help and encouragement is very much appreciated. Thank you for these tips, you have made things a lot clearer for me.” Pamela


2010 Ph.D. student

The unflappable competence and meticulous attention to detail that Stephen White gave my thesis took all the strain out of the practical aspect of preparing it for submission. The examiners found hardly a single correction.” Pat

Getting the research done, and essays and thesis submitted on time is only one part of the challenge that all students face. However, as a student whose mother-tongue is not English, making sure that every submitted essay is not only grammatically correct, but also exhibits a profound professionalism with regard to language standards, is a challenging task indeed:

 Stephen White does the most wonderful job when essays and thesis have to be put in idiomatic English. After having availed myself of Stephen’s help with my University essays and thesis, I can firmly say that his work is marked by genuine excellence and accuracy.  Apart from Stephen’s unquestionable competences, he also understands precisely what a non-native English speaker is wanting to say and Stephen makes sure that the text converted into idiomatic English carries the exact same message as the original text. Lejla M.A. Student


2010 Ph.D. student

Researcher extraordinaire! If it is out there he will find it, in my experience.” Clare

“The pdfs you found have been absolutely brilliant and exactly what I needed- the paper on (Iain) Sinclair has really helped me move my thoughts for chapter 1 on (I must read Sinclair now)- so I am very grateful … . Between you, you have managed to find resources I would never have noticed.” Pamela

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