Doctored Documents


Dr S.R. White

BA in English Language & Literature (Hull)

BA in Theology (Oxford)

Oxford Certificate in Theology

Ph.D. (Theology) Queen’s University, Belfast

Edited the Church of Ireland Journal; “Search” for 7 years

Edited a volume of essays for the Church of Ireland: A Time to Build, Pub. APCK, 1999


Don Cupitt and the Future of Christian Doctrine, SCM Press 1994

Authority and Anglicanism, SCM Press, 1996

The Right True End of Love, Dublin, Columba Press, 2005

A Space for Belief: The Place of Theology in Faith, Dublin, Columba Press, 2006

A Space for Unknowing: The Place of Agnosis in Faith, Columba Press, 2006

The Seeking Church: A Space for All, Dublin, Columba Press, 2009

Jesus and the Christ: Unity, Necessity and Contingency, Columba Press, 2011 (Forthcoming)

Contributor to 2011 Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology

Author of numerous articles and reviews.

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