Doctored Documents


M.A Science, Culture & Environment (with merit) University of London, Birkbeck College.

Ph.D Phloem transport & verification of Computer Models University of London, Wye College

M.Sc Agronomy University of Nottingham

B.Sc Plant Biology (Hons. 2.1) University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Greening Business module (Industrial Placement via Keele University: recycling & waste management)


Bibliographic databases: Endnote, TreePad, Evernote, BibTexMng, JabRef, Refer (Unix). Database:  Arthropod Fauna of Major Crops: IT desk study & literature survey –  design, construction of an MS Access database. Literature searching: WoS, COPAC, WorldCat, JSTORE, Science Direct, LION, Ovid, Wiley etc. Mind Mapping: FreeMind, SciPlore, Xmind, VUE.

Rendering of ‘foreign’ English into correct and idiomatic form for an international conference proceedings In: the Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Pergamon-Elsevier

  • On the  expert review panel for BIOMOVS[1] II Technical Reports 8 & 13 Tritium in the food chain
  • BIOMASS4 tritium working group (Sweden, France, Austria & Canada)
  • BIOMASS fruits working group (Austria & UK)
  • Reviewer for NERC grant proposals
  • Reviewer for Flavour and Fragrance Journal, Wiley
  • Reviewer for Food Chemistry, Elsevier
  • Consultant for Imperial College radioecology Ph.D students, Demonstration, student supervision & tutorials (London, Nottingham, Newcastle & Rothamsted Research)
  • Discussion syndicate chair: conference on the Ethics & Philosophy of Science, Imperial College
  • Nature readership monthly survey panelist

Research interests include:

Philosophy & sociology of science & technology: GM crops and agricultural ethics, organic food & green politics, radio-ecology, biochemistry, bio-sciences, bio-medical (e.g. placebo), food & sensory science, Forteana


Pirsig’s ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’: Quality, reason and binary opposites Brudenell AJP (2008) Futures 40(3), 287-292. An expanded version in preparation by invite of Dr McWatt for

Other co-authored papers include those published on the deposition of gaseous radionuclides to fruit, the phloem mobility of glucosinolates (natural compounds in oilseed rape), modelling the behaviour of tritiated water in crops, and the dynamics of tritiated water (HTO) uptake and loss by crops and soils after short term atmospheric release:

Deposition of gaseous radionuclides to fruit. Stewart A, A BRUDENELL, CD Collins (2001) Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 52(2-3), 175-189. (1 citation)

 The phloem mobility of glucosinolates. BRUDENELL AJP, H Griffiths, JT Rossiter & DA Baker (1999) Journal of Experimental Botany 50(335), 745-756. (22 citations)

 Approaches to modelling the behaviour of tritiated water in crops. BRUDENELL AJP, Collins CD & Shaw G (1998) Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 23, 471-473.

Dynamics of tritiated water (HTO) uptake and loss by crops after short term atmospheric release. BRUDENELL AJP, Collins CD & Shaw G (1997) Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 36, 197-218. (4 citations)

Phloem mobility of xenobiotics: Tabular review of physicochemical properties governing the output of the Kleier model. BRUDENELL AJP, DA Baker & BT Grayson (1995) Plant Growth Regulation 16, 215-231. (10 citations)

Oral presentations: (excluding tutorials/lectures)

Round table session: Through the lens of resistance to GM food: does organic food reflect conflicting worldviews or is the ethical stance limited to what the middle-class eat? AJP Brudenell British Sociological Association Conference, London 2011

Changes in the dynamics of tritiated water in crops over the growth season”. Brudenell AJP, IAEA Workshop on Tritium Safety and Environmental Effects,Deep River,Canada, May, 1998.

 “Dynamics of tritium uptake and loss after short term atmospheric release”, ”A plant physiological approach to tritium behaviour and validation of the STAR-H3[1] model” & “Changes in the dynamics of tritiated water in crops over the growth season”. Brudenell AJP, Collins CD & Shaw G. COGER 1995-7, NERC Co-ordinating Group on Environmental Radioactivity 14-16th Open Meetings, Aberdeen, Manchester & Liverpool.

“The use of the Ricinus assay in testing the Kleier model of phloem transport of xenobiotics”. Brudenell AJP, DA Baker, BT Grayson & L Wyness. Abstract In: Xylem and Phloem transport, Conference, SEB & Phytochemical Society of Europe,OaklandsCollege,St. Albans,UK, December, 1991.

Other Conference Presentations (presenter in italics):

Modelling deposition of volatile organic compounds to vegetation. Collins CD, G Shaw & AJP Brudenell. Issues in Environmental Pollution 1998. The State and Use of Science and Predictive Models,Denver,Colorado,USA.


Approaches to modelling the behaviour of tritiated water in crops. Brudenell AJP, Collins CD & Shaw G. European Geophysical Society, XXII General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, April, 1997. Abstract In: Annales Geophysicae, Supplement II to Vol. 15: Section HS6, p. C 289.

i) The phloem mobility of glucosinolates. Brudenell AJP, H Griffiths, JT Rossiter & DA Baker.

ii) Time course of xenobiotic transport in the phloem of Ricinus communis. Brudenell AJP, DA Baker & BT Grayson.

iii) Short term dynamics of tritiated water uptake and loss in crops and soils: is there a role for phloem transport in retention of organically bound tritium? Brudenell AJP, CD Collins & G Shaw.

Abstracts i-iii above In: Journal of Experimental Botany 1996, 47, 1328-1329.International Conference on the Transport of Photoassimilates,Canterbury,UK, August, 1995.

The use of physicochemical properties in the prediction and measurement of phloem mobilities of xenobiotics in Ricinus communis. Brudenell AJP, DA Baker, BT Grayson & L Wyness. Abstract In: International Conference on Phloem Transport and Assimilate Compartmentation,Cognac,France, August, 1990 p.97.


AFMC (Arthropod Fauna of Major Crops). MS Access database designed, constructed & populated for Syngenta (2002). BRUDENELL AJP & Schuler, T. IACR-Rothamsted,Harpenden,AL5 2JQ. (see report listed below for scope of database)

Arthropod Fauna of Major CropsCrops: Cotton, Maize, Wheat, Rice, Soya, Sugar beet & Banana. Regions:USA, Europe,Australia,India, South America & Asia. (2002) Confidential reports on literature review on above crops to Syngenta. BRUDENELL AJP& Schuler, T. IACR-Rothamsted.

REPORTS (excluding progress reports)

Report (Finning UK) 2010. AJP Brudenell, Recycling and Waste provision project (Cannock). Placement on Project Green:KeeleUniversity – Greening business: Carbon and environmental management – ESC-40033 2009|0 Y1 A

 “A Critical Review of Experimental, Field and Modelling Information on The Transfer of Radionuclides to Fruit” BIOMASS THEME 3 Fruits Working Group, Working Document No 1, September 1999: IAEA,VIENNA, 1999 (BIOMASS programme working material CD-ROM version b2, Feb.2001) Version 0.0, April 1998. C.J. Atkinson and A.D. Webster (HRI, UK), G. Bengtsson (Norwegian Food Research Institute, Norway), F. Carini (University of Piacenza, Italy), Z. Ould-Dada and I. Fairlie (MAFF, UK), M. Fulker (Westlakes Scientific Consulting, UK), N. Green (National Radiological Protection Board, UK), R. Kinnersley, A. BRUDENELL, L. Scott, A. Stewart and C. Collins (Imperial College, UK), N.G. Mitchell (Mouchel Consulting Ltd., UK) and T Riesen (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland).

Rain & the effects of washout of tritiated water on the uptake & loss of tritium by crops & soils” (1999) RP 0175 (2 citations),“Dynamics of tritiated water (HTO) uptake and loss by crops after short term atmospheric release” (1996), “Short term dynamics of 3H2O uptake and loss in crops and soils; A preliminary Report” (1995) Reports to MAFF: BRUDENELL AJP, CD Collins & G Shaw, Imperial College, Silwood Park.

[1] STAR-H3 = Short Term Atmospheric Release of Tritium (MAFF Tritium dose model).

[1] BIOMOVS = BIOspheric MOdel Validation Study; BIOMASS = The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Programme on BIOsphere Modelling and ASSessment

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